Submission at COP 17, for the delisting of Aloe ferox

Since the free an unhidered trade in Aloe ferox is essential for the objectives set by the Cape Aloe Movement, it is imperitive that we get Aloe Ferox delisted from CITES. The general consensus in the Aloe ferox industry, as well as many academics in this arena, is that Aloe Ferox should be removed from CITES. There is abundant imperical evidence that, because there is commercial value in Aloe Ferox, it is not only protected in the wild, but commercially cultivated.

If the DEA’s, Bioeconomic Strategy (BES) is going to be successfull, they will need to get actively involved in assisting with the delisting of Aloe Ferox. Unfortunately, it does not seem as though DEA is prepared to “champion” this process. Here is an exirp from an email from DEA;

There is no indication that the Scientific Authority will be requesting a down listing for COP 17 but if (ACSA) is interested in making a proposal for down listing A.ferox they must submit a proposal to me ASAP and they must be ready to make a presentation on the 9 December in Pretoria.

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